Orthotist & Prosthetist


Combined O&P Written Multiple Choice Exam

The three and one half hour, 200 question, multiple choice exam assesses your knowledge of patient management. Knowledge assessed on the exam includes anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, disease process, pathologies, prescription criteria, material science, ethics and professionalism.

Simulation Exam

The three-hour interactive exam uses seven simulated case scenarios to test your analytic and clinical problem solving skills. The cases include topics such as prescription criteria, device recommendation, technical implementation and follow-up protocols.

The Written and Simulation exams are computer based (CBT) and offered every other month at over 350 Prometric testing center locations nationwide or online with a live remote proctor. Check out the testing locations in your area.

Clinical Patient Management (CPM) Exam

There are three hands-on practical assessments​ of your knowledge and skills through direct examiner and patient model interaction in a clinical environment. You must perform specific tasks while demonstrating and describing the orthotic or prosthetic recommendation, fitting criteria, patient instructions and follow-up plans involved in the provision of care.

The CPM hands-on practical exam is offered three times a year at the ABC Testing Center in Tampa, Fla. Please refer to the CPM Orientation Handbook and Helpful Hints for more information.

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Find out what you can expect at the prosthetic CPM exam

Find out what you can expect at the orthotic CPM exam

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