O&P Assistant

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An Orthotic and/or Prosthetic Assistant performs patient management tasks under the supervision of a certified practitioner as well as fabricating, repairing and maintaining devices. Assistants play an important role on the healthcare team.

What is an ABC Certified Assistant?

An ABC Certified Assistant supports the ABC certified practitioner in providing comprehensive orthotic and/or prosthetic patient care. Under the guidance and Indirect Supervision of the ABC certified practitioner, certified assistants may perform orthotic and/or prosthetic procedures and related tasks in the management of patient care. This includes fabrication, repairs and maintenance of devices to provide maximum fit, function and cosmesis that reflect the level of education and training received. 

Scope of Practice

ABC's  Certified Orthotic and/or Prosthetic Assistant Scope of Practice details the specific functions of a certified assistant. The initial evaluation and formulation of the treatment plan is the responsibility of the supervising orthotist and/or prosthetist. The certified assistant may also fabricate, repair and maintain orthoses and/or prostheses.

ABC credentialed individuals must adhere to the ABC Scope of Practice for their credential and/or the scope of practice for any relevant related licensure they hold.

Additionally, the certified assistant is required to support and conform to the  Code of Professional Responsibility which promotes and assures the overall welfare of the patient and the integrity of the profession.


​Once you have met the ABC requirements and passed the certification exam, you will be awarded the Certified Orthotic Assistant (COA) or Certified Prosthetic Assistant (CPA) credential. Candidates who have met the ABC requirements and passed certification exams for both disciplines will be awarded the Certified Prosthetic-Orthotic Assistant (CPOA) credential. 


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Photo of Stephen Fletcher, CPO

Stephen Fletcher, CPO

Director, Professional Credentialing

Directs ABC’s Professional Ethics, Certification, Scope of Practice and Government Relations programs. Manages all ABC’s certification exam development and administration activities. Facilitates coordination of professional/clinical issues across all ABC programs, including state licensure.

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Molly Maguire

Professional Credentialing Administrator

Primary contact for: professional ethics complaints against ABC credential holders, questions about ABC scope of practice, state licensure issues and ABC Board of Director nomination applications.

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Tabita Whilden

Certification Manager

Responsible for all administrative functions of ABC's certification programs and interfacing with outside consultants.

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Lauren Moran

Certification Candidate Coordinator

Contact for: certification program inquiries, certification application assistance and status and licensure examination inquiries.

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Bethany Webb

Certification Program Assistant

Contact for: general certification program inquiries, certification application assistance, licensure exam inquiries and certificate reprints.

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