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An Orthotic and/or Prosthetic Technician provides technical support to O&P patient care providers by fabricating, repairing and maintaining orthotic and prosthetic devices. Technicians play an important role on the healthcare team.

What is an ABC Certified Technician?

​An ABC Certified Technician is an individual trained and qualified to assist an ABC credentialed individual by providing technical support. The certified technician fabricates, repairs and maintains orthoses and/or prostheses; and is also proficient in current fabricating techniques, familiar with material properties and skilled in the use of appropriate equipment. ABC Certified Technicians may not use their credentials as independent providers of patient care.

Scope of Practice

ABC's  Certified Technician Scope of Practice details the specific functions of a certified technician. This includes assessment of orthotic and/or prosthetic technical requirements, formulation and implementation of fabrication, follow-up and practice management.

Additionally, the certified technician is required to support and conform to the Code of Professional Responsibility which promotes and assures the overall welfare of the patient and the integrity of the profession.


​Once you have met the ABC requirements and passed the certification exam, you will be awarded the Certified Orthotic Technician (CTO) or Certified Prosthetic Technician (CTP) credential. Candidates who have met the ABC requirements and passed certification exams for each discipline will be awarded the Certified Prosthetic-Orthotic Technician (CTPO) credential.

ABC Technician Scholarships

ABC has two unique scholarship opportunities available for O&P technician students.

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Stephen Fletcher, CPO

Director, Professional Credentialing

Directs ABC’s Professional Ethics, Certification, Scope of Practice and Government Relations programs. Manages all ABC’s certification exam development and administration activities. Facilitates coordination of professional/clinical issues across all ABC programs, including state licensure.

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Meg Hayes

Certification Program Coordinator

Primary contact for: general certification and application inquiries and state licensure verification requests

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Tabita Whilden

Certification Technology Coordinator

Contact for: certification data management, assistance with certification verifications, exam registration and website assistance.

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Lauren Moran

Certification Candidate Coordinator

Contact for: certification program inquiries, certification application assistance and status and licensure examination inquiries.

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