Orthotist & Prosthetist

What is an ABC Certified Practitioner?

An ABC Certified Orthotist and/or Prosthetist is a health care professional specifically educated and trained to manage comprehensive orthotic and/or prosthetic patient care. This includes patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation of the treatment plan, follow-up and practice management. Documentation by the orthotist and/or prosthetist is part of the patient’s medical record and assists with establishing medical necessity for orthotic and/or prosthetic care.

Scope of Practice

The ABC Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist Scope of Practice ​details the specific functions of certified practitioners. This includes patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation of a treatment plan, follow-up and practice management.

Additionally, certified practitioners are required to support and conform to the  Code of Professional Responsibility which promotes and assures the overall welfare of the patient and the integrity of the profession.


After you have met the requirements and passed the relevant exam(s), you will earn your Certified Orthotist (CO) or Certified Prosthetist (CP) credential. Once you have met the requirements and passed all of the certification exams for both disciplines, you will earn your Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO) credential.

International Recognition

The  International Society for Prosthetics ​and Orthotics (ISPO) ​has awarded the USA Professional Pathway accreditation to ABC and the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE)​ for its Prosthetist/Orthotist Level Pathway.

ISPO accreditation recognizes the ABC/NCOPE pathway to certification as meeting the highest international education/certification standards in existence today. ISPO's standards are recognized worldwide as the benchmark in the profession. 

ABC Student/Resident Scholarships & Awards

ABC has several OP&P education and research scholarships available to help support and award outstanding young professionals. 

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Find out what you can expect at the prosthetic CPM exam

Find out what you can expect at the orthotic CPM exam


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