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Mastectomy Fitter FAQs

I didn’t complete my pre-certification course before the application deadline, can I still apply?

No, you must complete your course either on or before the application deadline.

How and where do I obtain my mastectomy fitting experience?

Your experience can be gained from any business that primarily provides mastectomy fitting patient care. A list of accredited facilities can be located using the ABC Directory. If your experience is from a business that is not primarily engaged in mastectomy fitting patient care, your experience will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine whether it meets the intent of the requirement.

How do I log my mastectomy fitting hours?

Use the Mastectomy Fitter Exam Candidate Self Assessment Checklist as a guideline for the areas you should focus on and the amount of time you should be spending in each area. You are required to submit a Mastectomy Fitter Competency Attestation completed by your supervisor to verify your experience.

I will not have completed my experience hours by the application deadline, but I will have them by the exam date. Can I still apply?

No, the required number of hours must be completed on or before the application deadline.

My supervisor is certified by another credentialing body, can he/she attest for my mastectomy fitting hours?

Yes, the attester can be a certified practitioner, a certified and/or licensed mastectomy fitter, or a professional referral source.

Application Process
What if I missed the application deadline? Can I still apply?

You have up to fourteen days to apply after the application deadline. You will be required to pay a non-refundable $100 late fee.

How do I determine my certification application status?

Please allow up to four weeks for your application to be processed. We will send you a notice of your eligibility status via email. You may also check your application status by logging in to your My ABC account.

What if I don’t have the required documents by the application deadline?

We will defer your exam fees to the subsequent cycle. If we do not receive the required documents by the deadline for the next cycle, your application will be denied, and a refund of your exam fee(s) will be issued.  It is your responsibility to reapply for eligibility with the required fees.

What fees do I submit with my application?

Both the application and exam fees are due with your application. All applications and payments must be submitted online.  The application fee is non-refundable.

Exam Process
Once my application is accepted, how do I schedule my exam?

We will email you an Authorization to Test letter with information on how to schedule a specific time, date and location with our testing provider, Prometric.

What if I can’t find a testing center close to me?

Availability at the testing centers is on a first come, first served basis. If you are having difficulty finding a location near you, please contact us at certification@abcop.org.

What if I schedule my exam and then realize I can’t take it that day?
  • You have up to thirty days prior to the exam date to cancel the exam without incurring a penalty. 
  • You will incur a $55 cancellation fee if you cancel less than thirty days from your scheduled exam date.
  • If you cancel within 5 days of your exam date, you will forfeit your entire exam fee.
What if I forgot to schedule for my exam?

You will forfeit your exam fee and be required to re-register for the next available cycle.​ ​

How many times can I take the mastectomy fitter exam?

Once your initial application is approved, you are eligible to take the exam a maximum of four times within a three-year period. If you fail the exam four times or if your eligibility period has expired, you must reapply for eligibility. Please reference the ABC Fitter Candidate Guide for more information.

After the Exam
When will I receive my exam results?

You will receive an immediate on-screen pass/fail result when you finish your exam. You will receive an email with an official score report within 24 hours for the written exam.

If I fail the exam, when can I re-take it?

You may re-register 24 hours after taking your exam for the next available exam cycle by the application deadline.

If I passed my exam, when will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are mailed four weeks after the conclusion of the exam cycle.

What happens if I've failed the fitter exam four times?

If you have failed the exam four times or if your eligibility period has expired, you must reapply for eligibility. Please reference the ABC Fitter Candidate Guide for more information.

What do I do to maintain my certification?

Once you are certified, you have a five-year certification cycle in which you must earn continuing education credits and submit an annual fee. See the Guide for Maintaining Certification for information discipline specific continuing education credit requirements.

How much is my annual fee and when is it due?

Your annual renewal fee is $60 and is due by December 1st. The fee for your first year will be prorated.

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