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Continuing Education FAQs

Do I have to inform ABC when I have taken a course?

Some courses are reported by the participant using a Category II application and some courses are reported by the education provider. Please consult the flow chart below to determine your reporting responsibility. Education providers have 30 days to provide your information to ABC and it can take up to four weeks for us to process these lists.


How can I obtain a copy of my credit list?

Your credit statement is available in your MY ABC account 24/7. There are two types of statements available -- the Continuing Education statement will show your credits for the current five-year cycle. If you have more than one credential, select from the list of your active credentials to print a copy of the statement for that credential. The CEAR (Continuing Education Activities Report) report allows you to enter a specific timeframe for your specific needs (e.g. state licensure renewal dates).

Can I roll over credits?

Credits cannot be rolled over; however, if you complete your credits before your cycle ends, you can request to start your new cycle early. A link to the Start My Next CE Cycle Request Form will be available in your MY ABC account if you have completed your credit requirements and are eligible to start a new cycle. This request form must be submitted 30 days prior to your requested date.

You do not need to request a new cycle at the end of each cycle. If you have completed your credits, we automatically send you a new certificate.

How do I find Category I Science courses?

Visit Find CEUs and select your discipline. All search results will be the approved Category I Science courses for your discipline.

Do I have to take both Category I and Category II credits?

No. Half of your total credits must be Category I Scientific credits. The other half can be Category II or business credits. However, all of your credits can be Category I Scientific courses.

What happens if I don’t complete my credits in five years?

If you do not complete your credits, you will be placed on suspension which means that you cannot use your credential for patient care. You will also be assessed penalty credits (1/5 of your total credits) which must be completed along with your outstanding credits. If you do not complete the outstanding and penalty credits in one year, your credential will be revoked, and you may only be reinstated by taking the necessary exams again.

What is the difference between Category I and Category II credits?

Category I credits are preapproved by ABC for your specific credential. 

Category II credits can be one of two types of credits:

  1. A Category I course that has been preapproved by ABC, but is outside your scope of practice


  2. A course that has not been preapproved by ABC but is directly relevant to your credential

For all #2 course types, it is your responsibility to report your Category II credits (along with the appropriate documentation) via your MY ABC account to receive credit for that activity. Simply log in to your account and click the Report my Category II Credits link under the My Certifications section.

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