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Professional Ethics FAQs

What are possible complaint outcomes?

ABC’s authority extends only to the certifications and accreditations that we grant to eligible professionals and facilities. If the Professional Ethics Committee determines that a Code violation has occurred, sanctions against the ABC credential holder can include: a letter of reprimand, probation, temporary suspension or permanent revocation of credentials.

The Committee does not address issues of legitimate marketplace competition; nor does it determine or impose monetary awards to any party.

What is the complaint process and how long does it take?

If the Committee opens an ethics case, all Committee communications are shared with all involved parties throughout the entire process. Because each case is unique and can be complex, the timeframe can vary but the average resolution takes 3-4 months.

How do I file a complaint against an ABC certified person or accredited facility?

The individual or business must be credentialed by ABC, an NCOPE resident or a certification/accreditation applicant. Active credentialed individuals or facilities can be verified in our online Directory.

An official Complaint Form must be completed, signed and submitted. ABC does not accept anonymous complaints. Once a completed complaint form is received, it is reviewed at the next monthly meeting of the Professional Ethics Committee. If the committee believes the complaint reveals a possible ethical violation of the Code, then a case will be opened and a copy of the complaint will be shared with the ABC credential holder.

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