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Top FAQs

How do I determine my certification application status?

Please allow up to four weeks for your application to be processed. We will send you a notice of your eligibility status via email. You may also check your application status by logging in to your My ABC account.

How will ABC know when my residency is complete?

NCOPE will provide confirmation of your residency completion to ABC.

What if I don’t have the required documents by the application deadline?

We will defer your exam fees to the subsequent cycle. If we do not receive the required documents by the deadline for the next cycle, your application will be denied, and a refund of your exam fee(s) will be issued.  It is your responsibility to reapply for eligibility with the required fees.

What if I can’t find a testing center close to me?

Availability at the testing centers is on a first come, first served basis. If you are having difficulty finding a location near you, please contact us at certification@abcop.org.

If I passed my exam, when will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are mailed four weeks after the conclusion of the exam cycle.

Can I provide services prior to being accredited?

Yes – Your facility must be currently seeing patients. New businesses must have a minimum of five complete patient charts, from either cash paying patients or from those wishing to use a third-party payer. However, be sure to check with the third-party payers to make sure your facility meets their requirements prior to billing.

Can I apply for accreditation without having board certified or licensed staff members?

You must have the appropriate personnel on staff before submitting your application. Please refer to the Central Fabrication Accreditation Guide for an overview of the credentialing requirements.

What if our facility is moving?

If you plan to move during the accreditation process and have already submitted your application, please place your application on hold. We must survey each physical address, so we recommend you complete your move prior to submitting your application, this eliminates the need to submit additional applications or fees.

How long will my central fabrication accreditation be effective?

If granted full accreditation, your accreditation will be valid for five years.

Can I schedule my survey?

No. CMS requires that all surveys be unannounced. However, ABC will provide a courtesy four-week window in advance of your survey. We do schedule accreditation surveys for central fabrication facility accreditation.

What if I know I’m going to be out of the office?

New facilities, including affiliate add-ons, are not eligible to submit any blackout dates as limited availability can delay your on-site survey.

If you are renewing your accreditation, you can submit blackout dates. A total of 14 total blackout dates may be requested in a six-month period and we will not send a surveyor during those dates. Submit the Blackout Date Request form online by the deadline noted in your application receipt email.

What is privileging?

Privileging refers to giving an individual permission or ‘privileges’ to engage in specified clinical activities. ABC defines how a credentialed person may be allowed, under supervision, to provide items and services outside of their scope of practice. That privileging process is described in detail in the ABC Orthotic, Prosthetic and Pedorthic Scope of Practice.

Continuing Education
What is the difference between Category I and Category II credits?

Category I credits are preapproved by ABC for your specific credential. 

Category II credits can be one of two types of credits:

  1. A Category I course that has been preapproved by ABC, but is outside your scope of practice


  2. A course that has not been preapproved by ABC but is directly relevant to your credential

For all #2 course types, it is your responsibility to report your Category II credits (along with the appropriate documentation) via your MY ABC account to receive credit for that activity. Simply log in to your account and click the Report my Category II Credits link under the My Certifications section.

Can I roll over credits?

Credits cannot be rolled over; however, if you complete your credits before your cycle ends, you can request to start your new cycle early. A link to the Start My Next CE Cycle Request Form will be available in your MY ABC account if you have completed your credit requirements and are eligible to start a new cycle. This request form must be submitted 30 days prior to your requested date.

You do not need to request a new cycle at the end of each cycle. If you have completed your credits, we automatically send you a new certificate.

What happens if I don’t complete my credits in five years?

If you do not complete your credits, you will be placed on suspension which means that you cannot use your credential for patient care. You will also be assessed penalty credits (1/5 of your total credits) which must be completed along with your outstanding credits. If you do not complete the outstanding and penalty credits in one year, your credential will be revoked, and you may only be reinstated by taking the necessary exams again.

Professional Ethics
How do I file a complaint against an ABC certified person or accredited facility?

The individual or business must be credentialed by ABC, an NCOPE resident or a certification/accreditation applicant. Active credentialed individuals or facilities can be verified in our online Directory.

An official Complaint Form must be completed, signed and submitted. ABC does not accept anonymous complaints. Once a completed complaint form is received, it is reviewed at the next monthly meeting of the Professional Ethics Committee. If the committee believes the complaint reveals a possible ethical violation of the Code, then a case will be opened and a copy of the complaint will be shared with the ABC credential holder.

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