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Once your accreditation application is approved, we will conduct an onsite survey.

CMS regulations require that all onsite surveys be unscheduled and unannounced. Onsite surveys will be conducted during your regular business hours, as indicated on your application. All ABC surveyors will present their photo identification badge upon arrival.

By submitting your application, you affirm that your facility is ready for the onsite survey at any time. We are unable to rescheduled surveys due to emergency closure, staff unavailability or lack of readiness. Surveys are not conducted on federally recognized holidays. If your facility will be closed for a state or city recognized holiday, please email us at

Surveyors are assigned based on the programs indicated on your application. ABC site surveyors have education and training that qualifies them to evaluate the specific services you provide. Surveyors may be generalists or content specialists who are or were themselves practitioners or educators within the discipline represented by the program. Surveys are conducted by either a single surveyor or a team of surveyors. We may also send a surveyor apprentice as part of the survey team at no charge to you.

When preparing for your survey, be sure to have a comprehensive understanding of the ABC Patient Care Facility Accreditation Standards and use our Custom Standards Tool to help narrow your focus to only the specific standards that relate to the products and services you provide.

Apply for Patient Care Facility Accreditation

Custom Standards Tool


As an added resource, ABC has created a quick and easy way for you to determine exactly which standards apply to the products you provide your patients. Use the tool below to choose the specific product categories you provide.


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