Hot Dog March Madness - The Madness Continues!

At the beginning of the month, we kicked off our Hot Dog March Madness Bracket. What  do hot dogs have to do with O&P? Absolutely nothing!  But, these days everyone could use a little fun distraction. 

Did you know that nearly every region (or state for that matter) of the U.S. has its own beloved way  to serve up  a good dog? Whether you’re  loyal to your roots or rooting  for another hot dog team, you  probably have a preference on  what toppings should and should not be on a hot dog. 

We’ll post a new poll at the beginning of each  week. Whichever dogs get the most votes moves on to the next round until we have a champion  on April 1st. Vote each week to see your favorite  frank make it to the finals. From the Seattle Dog  to the famed New York Coney, only one can be  crowned top dog of the big dance.

Join in the fun and vote for your favorite style of hot dog and  follow our bracket updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Vote for your favorite Hot Dog

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