Hot Dog Madness

What do hot dogs have to do with O&P? Absolutely nothing! But, these days everyone could use a little fun distraction. 

Did you know that nearly every region (or state for that matter) of the U.S. has its own beloved way to serve up a good dog? Whether you’re loyal to your roots or rooting for another hot dog team, you probably have a preference on what toppings should and should not be on a hot dog. 

Join in the fun and vote for your favorite style of hot dog below and follow our bracket updates here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

The people have spoken! The Ultimate Wiener, Top Dog and Champion of Hot Dog Madness is...

The Cincinnati Dog

Just goes to show that anything covered in cheese is a winner!
Congrats to all you Cincinnati Dog fans and thanks to everyone that voted. 

HotDog Madness_FB