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Understanding Your Pedorthist Exam Results

January 2019


Implementation of the Treatment Plan

Perform procedures necessary to provide the appropriate pedorthic services, including fabrication. Select appropriate materials/techniques in order to obtain a patient model. Select appropriate materials and components for pedorthic device based on patient criteria to ensure optimum strength, durability and function. Complete or delegate fabrication of pedorthic device including positive mold rectification. Educate patient and/or caregiver about the use and maintenance of the pedorthic device. Document care using established record-keeping techniques to verify implementation of treatment plan.

A shoe modification that can provide leverage for greater support of the medial aspect of the foot is a(n):

1. Thomas heel

2. SACH heel

3. Increase toe spring

4. Midfoot rocker

When fabricating an articulated subtalar control foot orthosis (SCFO), the mechanical ankle joints should be placed at the level of the:

1. Apex of the lateral malleolus

2. Apex of the medial malleolus

3. Distal border of the medial malleolus

4. Distal border of the lateral malleolus

A patient is given a shoe with a lateral buttress. This modification should control:

1. valgus

2. varus

3. dorsiflexion

4. plantar flexion

While fitting a new pair of extra depth shoes, how much clearance should there be from the end of the longest toe?

1. 1/8”

2. 1/4”

3. 3/8”

4. 1/2”

The main functional goal of a full length carbon fiber footplate to address turf toe is to:

1. limit flexion of the MTP joint

2. increase motion at the hallux

3. limit extension of the MTP joint

4. block motion at the tarsometatarsal joint

Using a foam impression box creates:

1. a negative impression of the patient’s foot

2. a positive model of the patient’s foot

3. a non-weight bearing mold of the patient’s foot

4. a mold for fabrication of a custom molded shoe