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Understanding Your Orthotic Fitter Exam Results

December 2021


Implementation of the Treatment Plan

Select appropriate materials and device design based on patient criteria to ensure optimum strength, durability, and function. Assess/align orthosis for accuracy in sagittal, transverse, and coronal planes in order to provide maximum function/comfort. Educate patient and/or caregiver about the use and maintenance of the orthosis. Documentation using established record-keeping techniques to verify implementation of treatment plan.

In which type of prefabricated AFO is the trim line posterior to the malleoli?
  1. Posterior leaf spring
  2. Articulated 
  3. Solid ankle
  4. Floor reaction
The measurement used to establish the correct length of an anterior rigid frame TLSO is:
  1. Sternal notch to waist
  2. Sternal notch to symphysis pubis
  3. 2” below sternal notch to waist
  4. 2” below sternal notch to symphysis pubis
The BEST orthosis for treating a painful arthritic wrist is the:
  1. Wrist orthosis with IP extension assist
  2. Dynamic wrist orthosis
  3. Static wrist-hand orthosis
  4. Wrist driven flexor hinge orthosis
The anatomical landmarks used to determine the location of the knee joint axis are:
  1. The top and bottom edges of the patella
  2. The middle of the patella and the lateral joint space
  3. Adductor tubercle and medial tibial plateau
  4. Adductor tubercle and tibial tuberosity
When measuring for below-the-knee compression hose, it is necessary to determine the:
  1. Knee circumference
  2. Calf circumference
  3. Length of the foot
  4. Circumference at the ball of the foot
Semi-rigid cervical orthoses function in the sagittal plane to:
  1. Limit flexion
  2. Control rotation
  3. Prevent lateral flexion
  4. Reduce thoracic extension