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Understanding Your Orthotic Fitter Exam Results

December 2021


Continuation of the Treatment Plan

Obtain feedback from patient and/or caregiver to evaluate outcome (e.g., wear schedule/tolerance, comfort, ability to don and doff, proper usage and function). Assess patient’s function and note any change. Assess fit of orthosis/prosthesis with regard to strategic contact and to anatomical relationships to orthosis/prosthesis to determine need for changes relative to initial treatment goals. Address evidence of excessive skin pressures or lack of corrective forces and formulate plan to modify orthosis/prosthesis accordingly. Revise treatment plan based on assessment of outcomes.

At a follow-up visit for a patient who was fit with compression hose they state that it is not possible for them to don the hose. The fitter should:
  1. Determine the cause of the problem
  2. Have the patient return to their physician with the hose
  3. Provide hose in a larger size
  4. Provide hose with a lower compression value
A patient develops a pressure area under a metal stay on a soft LSO. The MOST appropriate action is to:
  1. Remove the stay
  2. Recontour the stay
  3. Change the type of orthosis
  4. Add padding over the pressure area
During a follow-up visit, a patient who received a prefabricated AFO exhibits an excessive extension moment at the knee on the same side during stance. The fitter should:
  1. Lower the proximal trimline
  2. Shorten the footplate
  3. Refer the patient to an orthotist
  4. Refer the patient to a physical therapist
A patient is seen for follow up after receiving a fixed ankle walking boot. The physician requests that the fitter provide relief for Achilles tendon strain. The fitter should add a:
  1. Full-foot lateral wedge
  2. Full-foot medial wedge
  3. Forefoot wedge
  4. Heel wedge