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Pedorthist Test Content Outline

January 2019


Domain 4 - Continuation of the Treatment Plan

Continuation of the Treatment Plan — 14%

  • Obtain feedback from patient and/or caregiver to evaluate outcome (for example, proper usage and function, wear schedule/ tolerance, ability to don and doff, comfort, perceived benefits, perceived detriments, overall patient satisfaction).
  • Assess and document patient’s function, outcomes of pedorthic device(s), and achievement of treatment goals.
  • Assess patient’s skin condition (for example, integrity, sensation, color, temperature, and volume) and document any changes.
  • Assess fit of pedorthic device(s) with regard to anatomical relationships (for example, trimlines, strategic contact, static/ dynamic assessment) to determine need for changes relative to initial treatment goals.
  • Make or supervise modifications to pedorthic device(s) (for example, relieve pressure, change alignment, and/or components) and inform patient and/or caregiver of modifications.
  • Evaluate results of modifications and assess modified device(s) for structural integrity.
  • Reassess patient’s and/or caregiver’s knowledge of goals and objectives to ensure proper use of pedorthic device(s) relative to modifications.
  • Document all findings and pedorthic interventions and communicate, as necessary, with physicians, referral sources, and other healthcare providers to ensure patient status is updated.
  • Develop a long-term follow-up plan.