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Practice Analysis of Certified Pedorthists

January 2017


Results Related to Practice Areas and Devices

All survey respondents were asked to characterize the nature of their work in regard to an extensive list of pedorthic devices. The results of these rating activities should be reviewed very carefully, as they provide guidance with regard to the development and/or refinement of ABC’s certification examinations. The results also provide guidance to the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) in the development of pedorthic education standards.

Respondents indicated whether they provided clinical patient care and/or performed pedorthic fabrication activities. As shown in Table 19, more than 80% do perform such activities.

Table 19

Perform clinical patient care and/or fabrication-related activities

Respondents who indicated they did provide clinical patient care and/or fabrication-related activities responded to the practice area and devices section of the survey. As shown in Figure 1, the greatest percentage of these respondents pedorthic time was spent, on average, in the orthoses practice area (41%), followed by footwear (34%), shoe modifications (14%) and retail (10%). Less than 1% of time was spent in some other pedorthic practice area.

Figure 1 - Percentage of Time in Pedorthic Practice Areas



Detailed allocations of percentages of time within pedorthic practice areas are found in Table 20.

Table 20

Percent of Time in Pedorthic Practice Areas and Devices
Therapeutic/Diabetic Shoes16.0%
Extra-depth Shoes7.9%
Custom Shoes2.5%
Pediatric Corrective Footwear1.4%
Athletic Shoes5.9%
Pre-fabricated Therapeutic/Diabetic Inserts5.6%
Custom Therapeutic/Diabetic Inserts8.7%
Pre-fabricated Accommodative Foot Orthoses2.6%
Pre-fabricated Rigid Foot Orthoses1.4%
Custom Accommodative Foot Orthoses6.7%
Custom Functional/Rigid Foot Orthoses7.1%
UCBL Orthoses1.4%
Gait Plates0.5%
Toe Filler Foot Orthoses/Partial Foot Prostheses2.0%
Custom Fabricated SCFO (leather ankle gauntlet)1.1%
Dorsi-assist Orthoses (pre-fabricated nighttime)0.7%
Pre-fabricated Walking Boot/Shoe (wound off-loading)1.1%
Custom Fabricated Articulated AFO (for example, free motion low profile orthosis)1.8%
Shoe Modifications14.2%
Shoe Modifications (sole)9.0%
Shoe Modifications (upper)3.8%
Retail (no prescription, no medical condition)9.5%
Extra-depth Shoes2.5%
Athletic Shoes2.2%
Pre-fabricated Accommodative Foot Orthoses1.0%
Pre-fabricated Rigid Foot Orthoses0.6%
Compression Garments0.7%
Accommodative Foot Orthoses *1.1%
Custom Rigid Foot Orthoses *0.9%

Respondents indicated if they performed a number of activities with respect to specific pedorthic devices at any time during the past year; results are shown in Table 21.

Table 21

Percentage of Respondents Performing Each Activity with Respect to Pedorthic Devices During Past 12 Months
 Perform Initial Assessment Measure/ mold/ digitize/ scan ModifyFabricateFitPerform Follow-Up/ evaluation
Therapeutic/Diabetic Shoes84%76%63%22%86%81%
Extra-depth Shoes81%73%58%17%81%76%
Custom Shoes58%54%38%13%57%56%
Pediatric Corrective Footwear 38%33%26%10%39%36%
Athletic Shoes65%55%42%12%64%57%
Pre-fabricated Therapeutic/ Diabetic Inserts72%62%57%18%73%67%
Custom Therapeutic/ Diabetic Inserts77%76%69%42%80%76%
Pre-fabricated Accommodative Foot Orthoses 65%54%50%15%64%56%
Pre-fabricated Rigid Foot Orthoses 51%45%37%13%52%46%
Custom Accommodative Foot Orthoses76%74%69%45%78%75%
Custom Functional/Rigid Foot Orthoses68%67%60%37%69%67%
UCBL Orthoses52%48%44%27%51%49%
Gait Plates34%30%24%13%32%31%
Toe Filler Foot Orthoses/ Partial Foot Prostheses67%64%55%36%67%64%
Custom Fabricated SCFO (leather ankle gauntlet)35%32%25%9%34%33%
Dorsi-assist Orthoses (prefabricated nighttime)35%29%20%6%35%31%
Pre-fabricated Walking Boot/Shoe (wound offloading)41%34%28%9%41%38%
Custom Fabricated Articulated AFO (for example, free motion low profile orthosis)39%35%29%11%38%36%
Shoe Modifications      
Shoe Modifications (sole)72%58%55%39%67%68%
Shoe Modifications (upper)64%51%52%33%61%61%
Retail (no prescription, no medical condition)      
Extra-depth Shoes66%56%39%10%65%54%
Athletic Shoes59%50%35%9%59%49%
Pre-fabricated Accommodative Foot Orthoses 57%47%36%9%56%47%
Pre-fabricated Rigid Foot Orthoses 46%38%31%8%44%39%
Compression garments42%35%13%5%40%34%
Custom Accommodative Foot Orthoses53%49%43%27%52%48%
Custom Rigid Foot Orthoses45%42%36%23%45%41%