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Practice Analysis of ABC Certified Orthotic Fitters

January 2019


Domains, Tasks, Knowledge and Skill Statements

Domains are global areas of responsibility performed by credentialed professionals, in the current delineation the domains were identified as Patient Assessment, Formulation of the Treatment Plan. Implementation of the Treatment Plan, Follow-up Treatment Plan, Practice Management, and Promotion of the Competency and Enhancement of Professional Practice.

Tasks are the activities performed within a domain of practice.

Knowledge and skill statements describe the organized body of information and the physical or mental manipulation of information or things required to perform the tasks associated with each domain.

The resulting delineation specifying domains and the number and tasks statements associated with each domain are contained in Table 13.

Table 13

Domains and Tasks
DomainNumber of Tasks
Domain 1– Patient Assessment
Perform an assessment of the patient to obtain an understanding of patient’s prescribed needs6
Domain 2–Formulation of the Treatment Plan
Create a specific treatment plan to meet the needs and goals of the patient6
Domain 3–Implementation of the Treatment Plan
Perform the necessary procedures to deliver the appropriate orthotic services, including adjustments and alterations9
Domain 4–Follow-up Treatment Plan
Provide continuing patient care and periodic evaluation to assure/maintain/ document optimal fit and function of the device6
Domain 5–Practice Management
Understand the policies of business, financial, and organizational management3
Domain 6–Promotion of Competency and Enhancement of Professional Practice
Participate in personal and professional development through continuing education2