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Practice Analysis of ABC Certified Orthotic Fitters

January 2019



Results and Discussion related to the Domains

This section presents the results of the ratings related to the six domains delineated in the survey. Respondents rated each of the domains on two ratings scales:

  • Percentage of Time: Overall, what percentage of your work time do you spend performing the tasks related to each domain during the past year?

  • Criticality: How critical is this domain to optimizing outcomes for patients and/or caregivers?

Table 14 presents the results of the Percentage of Time and Criticality rating scales. Respondents spend the majority of their time performing tasks in the Patient Assessment Domain (25%), followed closely by Implementation of the Treatment Plan (24%). Formulation of the Treatment Plan takes about 15% of their time, and the remaining three domains require between 10% and 13% of their time.

The mean Criticality ratings were highest for Patient Assessment and Implementation of the Treatment Plan, indicating close to highly critical. All other domains received mean Criticality ratings indicating that respondents felt the tasks in these domains were between moderately to highly critical. Accordingly, all six domains appropriately focus on activities that are critical to optimizing outcomes for patients and/or caregivers.

Table 14

Time and Criticality in Each Domain
 % of TimeCriticality
Domain 1 – Patient Assessment25.3%3.8
Domain 2 – Formulation of the Treatment Plan15.1%3.5
Domain 3 – Implementation of the Treatment Plan23.6%3.7
Domain 4 – Follow-up Treatment Plan11.9%3.4
Domain 5 – Practice Management12.7%3.2
Domain 6 – Promotion of Competency and                                              Enhancement of Professional Practice10.1%3.2

Numeric values of criticality scale:

1=Not critical, 2=Minimally critical, 3=Moderately critical, 4=Highly critical