Patient Care Facility Accreditation Guide

October 2023


Accreditation Standards and Compliance Tips

ABC Accreditation Standards represent baseline expectations of your facility’s physical environment and the functions of patient care. Accreditation decisions are based on the degree of compliance with the Standards. Compliance is assessed as appropriate to the size of your facility and services provided. However, all facilities are evaluated on the same set of Standards.

The Standards for patient care facilities are grouped into the following eight categories:


  • Administrative
  • Human Resources
  • Patient Care and Management
  • Product Safety
  • Patient Records
  • Performance Management and Improvement
  • Facility and Safety Management
  • Claims and Billing Compliance

We are committed to providing you with useful resources to guide you through the accreditation process. The following Standards and Compliance Tips is a valuable resource for those who are planning to apply for accreditation or for current accredited facilities looking toward reaccreditation. For many of the Standards there is an accompanying tip that provides suggestions for complying with that standard. The guidance offered in each tip is meant to further clarify the expectations of the Standards. Following the tips does not automatically ensure compliance or guarantee that you will pass the accreditation survey. The tips are suggestions and we recommend that you expand on them as you deem necessary.