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Fitter Candidate Guide

April 2024

Exam Scoring and Reporting

Exam Results

A pass/fail exam result will be displayed immediately upon completion of your exam. In addition, within 24 hours, ABC will notify you that your scores are available on your My ABC account.

Exam Review Policy

If a candidate in their initial eligibility period fails an exam three times, they may request a review of their most recent exam attempt. This review will provide additional information concerning the content areas in which the candidate is not performing well. In order to qualify for this exam review, the following criteria must be met:

  • The candidate must submit a written request to
  • The candidate has an exam attempt score that was within 5 percent of the passing score.
  • The candidate is still within their eligibility period and has registered for their next exam attempt.

Please be advised that processing exam reviews can take up to four weeks.

Release of Exam Information

The nature, format, content and results of examinations administered by ABC are considered privileged information. Due to the importance of test security and item banking, neither test questions nor answer keys will be disclosed or made available for review by candidates or any other unauthorized third party.

Scoring Procedures

All scoring procedures and responses to exam questions are conducted and verified by ABC’s testing service.

The passing score for the exam has been recommended by a geographically diverse panel of practicing certified fitters with both clinical and educational backgrounds individually selected by the ABC board of directors. This panel, under the guidance of testing experts from ABC’s testing service, computes a passing score representing the minimum level of knowledge that must be demonstrated to pass the exam. All exams are administered and scored by a computer-based system.

Exam Incident Review & Appeals

You may not appeal a failing score on any exam. However, you may  request a review a particular incident or administrative procedure in relation to an exam.

You may request a review of a specific incident or procedure relative to the exam process or administration procedure if you believe the incident or procedure impeded your opportunity for successful completion of your exam.

The following actions must be taken prior to submitting a written request for review:

  • File a Center Procedure Report with the Test Center Administrator before leaving the testing center.
  • Contact ABC's testing service by email or phone within 24 hours after the incident occurred and provide the case summary or ticket number, if applicable.

The written request for review must be:

  • Submitted within 5 days of the exam date
  • Accompanied by a description of the incident or administrative procedure including any relevant evidence or other pertinent information
  • Accompanied by the case summary or ticket number, if applicable

Incident Review Resolution

If a request for review is submitted concerning an incident or administrative procedure, you will receive notification of the outcome within 30 days of receipt of the request. Should you not be satisfied with the decision rendered, you may submit a written appeal to the board of directors within 14 days. You will be notified of the board’s decision within 60 days of receipt of the request. The board of directors’ decision is final.