Central Fabrication Accreditation Guide

October 2023


Customer Satisfaction (CS)

The Customer Satisfaction Standards address the use of satisfaction surveys to identify and implement improvements to business operations. Customer satisfaction surveys are a powerful tool for performance feedback. Information collected should include questions addressing satisfaction with the quality of services and resolution of complaints. After collecting this information, the data must be reviewed and analyzed. If your review identifies changes needed to your operations, these changes should be documented.


The quality assurance program (see QA1) includes the establishment and implementation of a customer satisfaction survey.

Tip–Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you do not have your own customer satisfaction survey, many national associations and other groups have them as free resources or for purchase. These can be adapted for use in your facility. Your survey could be mailed with the item/device, emailed to the customer following delivery or mailed separately. You might consider an incentive of some kind to encourage customer participation.


The customer survey includes, but is not limited to, questions addressing satisfaction with the quality of services, resolution of complaints and timeliness of response to the customer.

Tip–Elements of Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your survey needs to focus on the customer’s satisfaction with:

  • Quality of your services, such as meeting the customer’s expectations, ease of working with your staff and meeting delivery time expectations
  • Resolution of complaints, such as timeliness of resolution, effectiveness of solutions offered and satisfaction with outcome
  • Response time to customer’s questions and concerns, such as ease of contact, responsiveness to inquiries and resolution of the issue


Results of the customer satisfaction surveys are documented and evaluated, at least annually.

Tip–Customer Satisfaction Survey Review

Document your survey review to identify areas for improvement in service, quality or responsiveness. Your review can be documented with notes, a report or minutes of a meeting. If your review identifies changes needed to your program, the changes you make should also be documented.