Central Fabrication Accreditation Guide

October 2023


Accreditation Survey Process

                                                                                                                                                                                  ABC’s goal is to make the accreditation process as easy and uncomplicated as possible.              The following information will help you understand the process and what you can expect              from your onsite survey.


Preparing for Your Survey

Before submitting your application, make sure your facility is compliant with the central fabrication accreditation standards and prepared for the onsite survey. We offer a variety of accreditation tools on our website.

Additional resources to help you prepare can be found in the Resources and Links section of this publication.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with ABC standards at all times. In the event that we revise any of the standards, we will establish a time frame for accredited facilities to achieve compliance.

Scheduling Your Survey

ABC assumes that once you have submitted an application, your facility is ready and available for the onsite survey. Your surveyor will contact you to schedule your survey date. Our surveyors are in the field with multiple surveys and your flexibility in scheduling your survey will expedite the process.

Surveyors will schedule their visit during your business hours, which must be indicated on your application. If there are essential personnel, such as an office administrator or owner, whose schedule varies from your regular business hours, please provide that information with your application.

If you or anyone acting on your behalf denies the surveyor access to the facility and/ or any essential paperwork or if your facility is closed during the agreed upon survey time, your survey will be terminated. You will need to begin the process again by reapplying with a new application and submitting the appropriate application and survey fees.

Hold Request Policy

You do have an option to place your application on hold if your facility is not ready for the survey or if you or your key staff are unavailable for more than two consecutive weeks. In these circumstances, we recommend that you remove your facility from the survey queue. Simply send us written notification at least 30 business days in advance that you wish to place your application on hold. Requests submitted in less than 30 days will be denied. We recommend that you include any hold requests when you submit your application.

When you are ready to reactivate your application, please notify us in writing. If we are not notified that you are ready to reactive your application within six months of the date your initial application was received, your application will be deactivated and you will need to resubmit all application materials, including the appropriate fees.