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Assistant Test Content Outline

Test content outline Orthotic/Prosthetic Assistant

January 2019


Orthotic Domain 2 - Implementation of the Treatment Plan

Implementation of the Treatment Plan — 35%

  • Provide patient with preparatory care for orthotic treatment (e.g., compression garment)
  • Select appropriate materials/techniques in order to obtain a patient model/image
  • Prepare patient for procedure required to initiate treatment plan (e.g., information about aspects of the procedure)
  • Perform procedure (e.g., measure, take impression, delineate, scan, digitize)
  • Select appropriate pre-fabricated orthosis based on patient measurements and the established treatment plan
  • Comply with manufacturer’s specifications regarding components/materials
  • Prepare delineation/impression/template for modification/fabrication
  • Rectify and prepare patient model/image for fabrication
  • Fabricate/assemble/align orthosis in order to prepare for initial or diagnostic fitting
  • Assess device for structural safety and ensure that manufacturers’ guidelines have been followed prior to patient fitting (e.g.,torque values, component weight limits)
  • Assess alignment of orthosis for accuracy in sagittal, transverse and coronal planes in order to provide optimal function/ comfort
  • Ensure that materials, design and components are provided as specified in the treatment plan
  • Complete fabrication process after achieving optimal fit and function of orthosis (e.g., convert diagnostic device to definitive orthosis)
  • Re-assess orthosis for structural safety at time of delivery
  • Educate patient and/or caregiver about the use and maintenance of the orthosis (e.g., wearing schedules, other instructions)
  • Document treatment using established record-keeping techniques to verify compliance with treatment plan