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Practice Analysis of ABC Certified Assistants in the Disciplines of Orthotics and Prosthetics

January 2012


Executive Summary

The specific objectives of the study were to:

  • conduct a comprehensive practice analysis of the disciplines of orthotic and prosthetic assistants by updating and validating the domains of practice, the specific tasks performed, the associated knowledge and skills required to perform each task and the practice areas and devices used
  • develop profiles of practice of certified prosthetic and/or orthotic assistants, including time spent in each domain and the criticality of domains
  • quantify time spent and tasks performed with regard to various orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • explore expected trends in the profession for the next three years
  • develop defensible test specifications for orthotic and prosthetic assistants in connection with the multiple-choice certification exam administered to candidates for the credentials

The Delineation

Subject-matter experts identified by ABC were appointed to a Task Force and attended a meeting to review and refine the existing delineation of practice to ensure that the delineation of domains, tasks, knowledge and skills was comprehensive and contemporary, and that the delineation was in line with the ABC Scope of Practice for certified orthotic and/or prosthetic assistants.


Subsequent to the meeting, Task Force members performed a critical review of the revised delineation. In addition to the Task Force, independent subject matter experts were invited to participate in the review of the delineation. Task Force members and independent reviewers made suggestions to further refine and update the draft delineation, and edited the document to ensure clarity and completeness. All suggestions were compiled into a master document that was reviewed during a meeting that included a sub-committee of the Task Force.