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Assistant Candidate Guide

April 2024

Application Process & Policies

Statement of Non-Discrimination

ABC does not discriminate on any basis that would constitute illegal discrimination under federal law.

Submission of Application

Applications must be submitted at All requirements must be completed by the application deadline for your desired exam cycle.

You must attempt the exam within one calendar year from the date your application is approved. Failure to attempt the exam within that period will cause the application to expire and a new application must be submitted.


Payment is required when you apply. ABC accepts electronic payments in the form of either a debit or credit card or Automated Clearing House (ACH). The fees are:

  • The non-refundable application fee*
  • The exam fee

*The non-refundable application fee is required once per discipline. You will need to submit a separate application fee when applying for your second discipline.

Eligibility Period

You will be assigned the status of Exam Candidate when your application has been reviewed and approved. You will then be granted a three-year eligibility period in which to take and pass your exams. ABC grants you four attempts to pass the exam within your eligibility period.

Testing Accommodations

It is ABC’s policy to administer certification exams in a manner that does not discriminate against an otherwise qualified applicant. ABC offers reasonable and appropriate accommodations for the exams for persons with documented disabilities, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you require any accommodations, submit your requests by the application deadline of your desired exam session to provide adequate time to resolve any documentation or exam logistical issues that may arise. ABC will review each request on an individual basis and make decisions for appropriate accommodations based on specific guidelines.

The Testing Accommodations Policy and the  Testing Accommodations Application should be referenced for additional specific information.

Criminal History Disclosure

Health care providers are placed in a position of trust with their patients. Often these providers have unsupervised, physical contact with their patients.  You must disclose criminal history information if you have been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction, pleaded nolo contendere, or are currently under indictment, for a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude.

You must submit a signed written statement and full explanation along with supporting documents to accompany your application. Examples of supporting documents may include, but are not limited to, official court documents, probation documents, police reports, etc.


ABC reserves the right to ask you to furnish information or make inquiries as may be deemed appropriate to identify the nature and extent of your education, experience, competency and moral character.

Notification of Application Decision

You will be notified by email of your application approval or denial within the four weeks following the application deadline. You can check your My ABC account to view the status of your application.

Address Changes

The email address provided on the application will be used for emailing your letter of eligibility, registration information, exam confirmation and results. You are responsible for updating your information immediately on your My ABC account.


If ABC discovers that you have falsified any information on your application, any or all of the following actions may be taken:

  • Rejection of your application
  • Barring you from the exam(s)
  • Revocation of any existing ABC certification or status
  • Referring of the incident to the Professional Ethics Committee
  • Any act of falsification shall be made a part of your permanent record

Applicant Ineligibility

You may be determined ineligible for any of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient documentation to assess your eligibility
  • Documentation provided does not meet eligibility requirements
  • Lack of required fees
  • Failure to meet posted deadlines for documentation

If it is determined that the information you provided is inadequate to assess eligibility, you will be notified and given a deadline to respond with the necessary documentation. If documents are not received by the given deadline, your application will be deferred, one time, to the next exam cycle.  Failure to complete your application after one deferral will terminate your application, and a new application and application fee will be required.

Application Appeals

If you have been denied on the basis that you have failed to demonstrate the minimal eligibility requirements, you may appeal the denial. Your appeal must be submitted in writing to the ABC Board of Directors.

Appeals must:

  • Be in writing, contain your signature and sent via fax or email to ABC
  • State the specific reasons for your appeal
  • Include evidence or other pertinent information refuting ABC’s original findings
  • Be sent no later than 30 calendar days after the date of the notification letter

Appeals Decision

You will receive notification of the decision within 60 days of receipt of the request. The Board of Directors’ decision is final.


If you fail the exam, you must re-register at by the application deadline for the desired exam session. You must be within your current eligibility period and have not exhausted your allotted four attempts at the exam.

Reapplying for Eligibility

If you have exhausted your eligibility period, you may reapply for eligibility by submitting a new application, subject to the prevailing Candidate Guide, and a new application fee.