ABC Model Administrative Rules

December 2021


Section 20. Endorsement

(a) An applicant seeking licensure in (State’s name) who is licensed/registered under the laws of another jurisdiction shall file an application with the (Agency), on forms provided by the (Agency), which includes:

(1) Verification of meeting both the education and experience requirements set forth in Sections 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 or 60 of this Part;

(2) Proof of successful completion of the examination(s) set forth in Section 15 of this Part;

(3) Verification from the State or territory of the United States in which the applicant was originally licensed and the States in which the applicant is currently licensed, stating:

A) The time during which the applicant was licensed/registered in that jurisdiction;

B) Whether the file on the applicant contains any record of disciplinary actions taken or pending. 

(b) The (Agency) may request additional information to determine if the requirements in the State or territory of original licensure were substantially equivalent to the requirements then in effect in (State’s name) or to determine whether the requirements of another State or territory together with education and professional experience qualifications of the applicant are substantially equivalent to the requirements in (State’s name) at the time of application or is certified by a national certification organization with educational and testing standards equal to or more stringent than the licensing requirements of this State.

(c) In lieu of the documentation in (a)(1) and (2), the (Agency) will accept proof of active certification from ABC.

(d) The (Agency) shall either issue a license by endorsement to the applicant or notify him/her of the reasons for the denial of the application.