The New & Improved Coming Next Month

OUR NEW WEBSITE is coming along beautifully and will be launching mid-January. When we started this project, our goal was clear—to design a new, easy to navigate space packed with useful information and tools unique to each visitor. As we approach the finish line, we feel confident that the site will do just that. You can expect to see an updated look to match ABC’s new logo and rebranding as well as many new features laid out in a more organized and visually appealing way.

Here are some of the improvements you can expect to see in the new site:

  • Improved Site Search Functionality— find resources and documents quickly and easily
  • Personalized and Interactive User Experience—specific and relevant content provided for your unique needs and interests
  • Improved CE Course Search—You can still search by discipline and subspecialty but now each CE entry will have a pop-up description enabling you to more easily determine if the course fits your needs.
  • Enhanced Custom Standards Tool—Making it easier for facility owners to determine exactly which standards apply to the products and services you provide.
  • CE Credit Requirements by Discipline— Easy to locate credit requirements for each discipline.
  • MY ABC 3.0—Everything you need all in one place to stay up to date and organized! Update your profile, contact info, apply for Category II credits and check your credits all in one place.

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