Limb Loss Registry is LIVE

Attention prosthetic practice owners and practitioners! The profession needs your help. The newly created Limb Loss and Preservation Registry (LLPR) is now available for participant input and data. There has never been a U.S. registry that provides credible, specific limb loss, limb preservation or limb difference patient data until now. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are working with the Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation, the Amputee Coalition, CMS, DoD and O&P leadership to successfully implement the registry.

The registry and its supporters are actively seeking engagement from hospitals and O&P prosthetic clinical practices. To be successful, the LLPR will contain a statistically significant number of prosthetic practices who sign up with the registry and confidentially submit clinical patient data. That data will be aggregated, de-identified and organized into a powerful database. The data collected will help define future best practices for the prosthetic profession and highlight how critical prosthetic interventions are to patients as they regain their functional capabilities.

If your practice serves individuals with limb loss or limb difference, you can help advance the science of prosthetic care by participating in the LLPR. Learn more here.

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