ABC Joins Committee to Support P&O Sector in Ukraine

ABC has accepted an invitation to join the Ukrainian P and O Standards and Qualifications Committee, which aims to improve the quality of care for people with disabilities in Ukraine.

The committee includes government representatives, international experts, prosthetists, orthotists, therapists, amputees and other stakeholders. ABC and ISPO are members of the committee that is working on developing qualifications for P&O provider recognition consistent with international standards and appropriate to the current needs of Ukraine.

Despite the well-developed P&O sector in Ukraine, the profession still needs to be regulated with standards, and there is no formal P&O education program in Ukraine. By joining the committee, ABC hopes to demonstrate its commitment to improving the quality of care for people with disabilities and contributing to developing a more regulated and standardized P&O sector in Ukraine.

Through collaboration and dedication to best practices, the committee’s efforts will not only benefit Ukrainian amputees and other people with disabilities but also serve as a model for other countries looking to improve the quality of care in the P&O sector.

“ABC is pleased to participate in this committee and support the local efforts taking place in Ukraine to create sustainable standards and qualifications for providers of O&P patient care,” said Rick Babcock, CO, ABC President.

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