Mid-Year CE Check-In

Now is a great time to check whether you’re on track with earning the continuing education credits required to maintain your credential—especially if your five-year continuing education cycle ends this December. 

Waiting until December to earn or submit credits means we may not be able to verify your recertification until January.

Why is that important? Beyond the risk of having your credential suspended, many employers, hospitals, universities and other organizations need to verify that your credential has been renewed before the end of the year. Waiting until the last minute with your CEUs could leave you in a sticky situation—unable to use your credential and in jeopardy with your employer. 

Need help earning CEUs? Visit our Find CEUs search page any time and select your credential type to find preapproved Category I credits. Don’t forget that you can also earn Category II (not preapproved) credits for activities like teaching or presenting, taking college courses or allied health and medical seminars, attending hospital teaching clinics, participating in humanitarian work and providing resident supervision. You can report any of these activities for credit by logging in to your MY ABC account and clicking the Report My Category II Credits link.

Be sure to review our Guide to Maintaining Your Certification or contact us if you have any questions.

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