Career Awareness Initiative Progress Update

The Career Awareness Initiative is moving right along and most of the research on our target audiences has been completed. McCabe Message Partners, our communications partner on this project, undertook a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research to provide insights into how Gen Z thinks about careers, what they know about OP&P and what they value in media and content. 

The research findings will inform the types of content and advertising vehicles we develop, the focus of a new OP&P Careers website and the development of materials and talking points for our volunteer ambassadors as the program moves forward. Stay tuned for additional updates on this exciting project!


• A national online survey of 1,020 respondents ages 14-28
• Focus groups with people ages 15-24
• Interviews with young OP&P professionals
• Informational interviews with people ages 21-28 about career decision-making
• Review of existing social media content about OP&P

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