The Future of Practitioner Certification

ABC and NCOPE recently co-hosted the Practitioner Clinical Training and Assessment Conference in Alexandria, VA  focusing on the future of clinical training and certification exam assessment. 

The conference was the result of the outcomes from ABC’s 2020 Summit on Competency Assessment which looked at the overall process of becoming a CPO and how that might change over the next ten years. Conference participants explored residency structures and the certification exam process to identify potential future changes that would make the CPO certification process more effective and efficient.

Thanks to the volunteers and staff who participated in this important conference.

(Front L-R) Chris Robinson, CPO, FAAOP(D); Seth O’Brien CP, FAAOP; Robin Seabrook, NCOPE Executive Director; Heidi Truman, CPO; Amy Lanter, CPO; Ariana Tokarz, CPO; Kimi Van Wie, L/CPO; Jennifer Richards, CPO.

(Back L-R) Mark Clary, CPO, FAAOP; Charlotte Cornell, CPO; Brett Saunders, CPO, FAAOP, ABC President; Sheryl Sachs, CPO; Steve Fletcher, CPO; Abbey Senczyszyn, CPO; Jim Wynne, CPO, FAAOP; Michelle Hall, CPO, FAAOP(D); Tony Ward, CPO; Angela Courtade, CPO; Matt Parente, MS, PT, CPO, FAAOP; Rochelle Dumm, CPO; Jonas Ljung, CPO; Ashley Mullen, PhD, MSAT, CPO; and Cathy Carter, ABC Executive Director.

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