O&P Global Project Moves Forward

The O&P Global project, led by senior leaders with broad research expertise across the O&P and regulation sector, seeks to establish a global organization dedicated to supporting national-level regulation of the orthotist/prosthetist workforce. Launched last year, the project’s mission is to lead the research, development and consultation with the O&P community necessary to design a solid foundation for the organization. 

Their structured two-phase approach to these research activities will allow them to:

bubbles that say: Capitalize on global expertise. Use this knowledge to inform the design of the org's structure. Ensure the org meets the needs of existing and emerging national O&P assocs., as well as the global community of orthotists/prosthetists.


ABC is proud to be a supporter of this important effort. The O&P Global Project is seeking partnership and support from collaborators across the global O&P community. To learn more about the project or partnership opportunities, visit op-global.org

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