Exam Volunteers Excel During COVID Era Exams

In Spring 2020, when the public health emergency was first declared, we had to postpone the May CPM exam. During that time, we took steps to protect the future safety of all our exam participants— candidates, examiners, committee members, patient models and ABC staff. We worked quickly to create a task force charged with gathering the scientific based evidence needed to establish new operating procedures. It was extremely important to us to have a safe process and environment in which to administer the CPM exams, once travel restrictions were eased. 

The number of candidates per group was reduced to abide by social distancing requirements and new processes were implemented to make the exam experience as contact free as possible. ABC volunteers and staff followed new cleaning and disinfecting procedures to minimize the risk of virus transmission. Candidate feedback on these efforts has been overwhelmingly positive. With the new procedures and smaller exam group sizes, we were able to administer the CPM exam to 458 candidates between July 2020 and January 2021. This was a major feat during that uncertain time and was aided by the addition of two additional exam sessions to accommodate the demand and the social distancing requirements. 

The work to implement and maintain these new procedures, and the willingness of our volunteers and  staff to travel during the pandemic, has allowed us to continue to give the CPM exam effectively and safely. Continuing to hold the exams is a vital part of bringing new practitioners into the profession at a time when health care professions need more patient care providers.

"I would like to personally thank the volunteers and staff who were willing to travel to Tampa  last year for their part in the success of the exams. The adaptability of these individuals to the  new environment and protocols was extraordinary and further illustrates their commitment  to ABC and the profession. We absolutely could not do all we do without them!"  
Tony Ward, CPO, ABC President

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