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With Growth Comes Change 


Youu are probably already aware of the recent changes to the continuing education requirements to maintain your ABC certification, but just in case you missed the email…here is a recap.

The ABC Board of Directors re-evaluated the continuing education policies late last year and have made some significant changes. These changes will make the program more equitable, straightforward and easier to understand and achieve. As of January 1, 2020, the total number of credits needed during a five-year cycle changed for most credentials. The breakdown between Category I Science and Category II also changed. You can find the new requirements for your credential(s) at ABCop.org/ maintain certification.

In addition, there was a change in the number of credits required for each Category. Now, 50% of your credits must be Category I Science (or they can all be Category I Science) and 50% can be Category II Science and/or Business.

No more confusing breakdown between the two— just half and half and an opportunity to gain more practice management knowledge.

We’ve also made changes to how credits are awarded for eLearning courses. Previously, you could only receive credit for an eLearning course once in the life of your credential. Going forward, you can take the same course, either live or eLearning, twice in your five-year cycle. Just not twice in the same year.

Finally, while no one wants to face suspension for lack of continuing education credits, we have lessened the number of penalty credits that will be assessed if you find yourself in this situation. The penalty credits for each credential have been reduced, but they still need to be earned within the year of a suspension. 

The latest information specific to your credential(s) is detailed online at ABCop.org/maintain certification or in the updated Guide to Maintaining Your Credential.

Be sure to also listen to our January podcast, New Year, New Changes for Continuing Education (episode 18), available in the CredCast library at ABCop.org—search CredCast

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at mce@abcop.org or by calling 703-836-7114.




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