First Combined Practitioner Written Exam this August

ABC's first combined orthotist and prosthetist written certification exam will be administered the week of August 5. All graduates of a combined CAAHEP-accredited O&P master’s degree program are eligible to sit for this exam.

Traditionally, ABC’s written practitioner exams have been designed to test the knowledge of a post-residency candidate, however, the new combined exam is designed to test the knowledge of a master’s graduate pre-residency.

The change to the eligibility criteria will allow O&P master’s program graduates to take the written exam immediately after graduation. These changes will give candidates the opportunity to take the exam while their university knowledge is still fresh and give educators an outcome measure of students’ success with their curriculum. 


Additional combined discipline exams will be administered in October and December. Deadlines for those exams are August 1 and October 1, respectively.

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