October 2019 Facilitator

Medicare Corner: Don’t Wait to Update ABC AND Medicare!
Things are bound to change in your business and updating us with those changes may not be at the forefront of your mind. Some things need to be communicated in a timely manner.
Recertification Compliance – It’s Not Just a Personal Problem!
It’s important for your facility to review all personnel records on an annual basis to ensure that each individual is in good standing with their certification and/or licensure boards.
Surveyor Notes: Emergency Evacuation Drills
As an ABC Facility Accreditation Surveyor for over ten years, Rick Miller, CO, FAAOP is often asked by businesses of all sizes for tips on how to be compliant with the most missed accreditation standards.
Featured Standard – PR.2&3: Patient Record Security and Maintenance
These standards are critical to your practice not only because they ensure your compliance with HIPAA but because they ensure patient privacy and increased operational efficiency.
The Difference between Annual Fees and Renewal Fees
It’s time to submit the annual fees for individual certification, your organization’s facility accreditation and update the contact or employee information for your individual or facility records.

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