January 2022 Facilitator

Reporting Changes to ABC & Medicare - More Critical Than You May Think
We say it a lot, but it really is important that you keep us informed of any changes with your facility(s) especially if you accept Medicare or third-party payers. If information reported by ABC does not match information that Medicare has on file...
A Facility Manager’s Guide to Contingency Planning
As a surveyor, I see many “that will never happen to me” situations. Several years ago, an O&P facility suffered a catastrophic fire with damages more than $500,000 dollars. That same year, another facility suffered a loss of patient and financial...
NEW Handy Breast Prosthesis Resource
CMS regularly sends out Medicare Learning Network articles covering a variety of topics and recently the topic was focused on external breast prostheses and all of the current Medicare billing rules.
Be an Ambassador for Career Awareness
ABC is leading a multi-year effort to raise awareness of the orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthics profession among high school students and both current and recently graduated college students...
Satisfaction Survey Winner
The winner of our quarterly satisfaction survey drawing is...
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