January 2021 Facilitator

Satisfaction Survey Winner
The winner of our quarterly satisfaction survey drawing and recipient of a $59 Amazon gift card is...
Don't Forget...
Important reminders about COVID-19 resources, facilities expiring in 2021, Annual Fees and more!
Performance Management Guide Now Available!
We’ve added a new resource to our Compliance Kit Resource Pack that we think is going to be quite helpful.
State Licensure & Scope of Practice
In the past year, I have completed surveys in Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. These states all have one thing in common, they require that a practitioner be licensed...
Minor Standards Changes
ABC’s Board of Directors recently approved minor changes to the Patient Care Accreditation Standards. The changes to PC.3.2 and PC.3.4 as well as the addition of the new standard PC.3.4.3.
COVID-19 Stimulus Package Update
Late last year, Congress completed a new COVID-19 stimulus package that includes a new round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, tax relief, and other measures.

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