January 2019 Facilitator

Medicare Corner - Surety Bond Exemptions
Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standard #26 requires that your organization have a surety bond in order for you to obtain or retain your billing privileges.
Harassment in the Workplace Series: Part 1 – Fostering Harassment-Free Facilities
Harassment of any kind, especially sexual harassment, certainly is one that ABC feels is important to discuss. We are committed to establishing the highest patient care and organizational standards.
Surveyor Notes: Reviewing and Updating Your Policy Manual
The beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to do a bit of housekeeping around your facility.
Minor Standard Revisions
The ABC Patient Care Standards have undergone minor revisions to enhance understanding and eliminate redundancy. Changes include language and combining standards into a single cohesive standard.
Privileging Changes and OTS Devices
Many facility owners have inquired about the provision of off-the-shelf orthotic devices in response to the changes to the ABC Scope of Practice that took effect January 1. 
Scope of Practice Changes – A Quick Recap
You should already be aware of the Scope of Practice changes that went into effect on January 1 that no longer allow non-credentialed individuals to be privileged for patient care.

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