April 2022 Facilitator

Why Applying On Time Matters
Most of us keep a close eye on important expiration dates. Things like your drivers’ license, mortgage or rent payment, maybe even your gym membership. Make sure you're not leaving your facility's accreditation expiration off that very important list!
Featured Standards PR.6, 6.1, 6.1.1 – Building Proper Patient Records
Wondering what your ABC surveyor expects to see in your patient records? The PR.6 standards and their accompanying tips found in the Standards Guide provide the most concise list of what should be included.
Workplace Culture Resources Page Now Available!
With so many great resources available to help create a positive workplace culture, we decided it would make it easier for you to find and utilize these resources if they were in one place.
Satisfaction Survey Winner
The winner of our quarterly satisfaction survey drawing is...
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