April 2020 Facilitator

Medicare Corner: Important Legislative Update
Our goal is to continually provide you with important information for you and your business, we will begin including occasional legislative affairs updates from other organizations in the Facilitator.
2020 Expirees – DATES EXTENDED 90 DAYS!
If your facility was due to expire in 2020, your application and expiration date has been extended 90 days. Refer to our Expiration Planning Chart for new application deadlines and expiration dates.
Surveyor Notes: Check out our Upcoming CredCast Podcast Episode!
ABC is putting together an accreditation podcast. Join CredCast host Jim Lawson and surveyors Rick Miller, CO and Shawn Whale, CFts for discussion on the critical standards amidst COVID-19 crisis.
There's a Resource for That!
We’ve got lots of great resources to help make your accreditation compliance process as easy as possible. Look at our Resource Rundown to see what’s new and if there’s anything you may have missed.
Featured Standards: CB.4 & 4.1 - Chart Audits Happen, So Be Prepared!
Take time to establish procedures for file auditing and monitoring your clinical and financial records for compliance with all payers including federal, state and private payer healthcare plans.
Medicare & Government Resource List
Links you're sure to want to bookmark! The following valuable resources can provide you with the answers you need for basic questions as well as more complicated issues.
Prosthetic Patient Care Facilities to Receive Valuable Resources for Patients
Part of our partnership with the Amputee Coalition to support, educate and serve limb loss and limb difference community, ABC vows to provide prosthetic patient care services.

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