July 2020 Facilitator

Stay updated with our COVID-19 information page
ABC continues to support accredited facilities during this difficult time.
Medicare Corner: Patient Calls Requirement
When reviewing our most recent accreditation process satisfaction survey comments, we discovered that some compliance officers weren’t aware that CMS requires ABC surveyors to contact and speak with Medicare patients during all onsite surveys.
New Application and Expiration Dates for 2020 Expirees!
Beginning the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC delayed application and expiration dates for facilities expiring in 2020. All facilities with new application and expiration dates have been notified via email.
Surveyor Notes: Improvement Takes Leadership
ABC Surveyor One of the most rewarding aspects of having been an ABC facility accreditation surveyor for many years is the ability to share what I have learned with my peers.
Telehealth in O&P
Our Statement on Telehealth in O&P is more relevant now with telehealth being magnified. It relates to ABC Code of Professional Ethics, Scope of Practice and Facility Accreditation Standards.

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