Featured Standard: PM.10 Performance Management

PM.10 - You must perform a written review of your performance management program at least annually. You must document any changes to your performance management processes.

How is your Business Performing? 
A Closer Look at your Performance Management Program

Performance Management is all about tracking the strengths and weaknesses of your business and patient care operations. You can track your performance in a variety of different ways such as staff meetings, employee reviews, reports and satisfaction surveys collected from patients and referral sources. The information you collect should be saved in your performance management program manuals or files. 

But what do you do with all this information and data? If there is anything of concern, you will want to address it immediately. But collectively, you need to review your performance at least once annually (PM.10, Guide, pg. 58) and look for any trends that emerge. These can point to potential flaws in your processes and reveal where training or other changes are needed to improve. Keep in mind that this standard is one that will result in a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) if not completed annually. 

But don’t worry! We have lots of resources in our online Resource Pack to help you collect, monitor and evaluate the different aspects of your performance management program. Log in to your facility’s MY ABC account to access and download:

• Employee Performance Evaluation Form

• Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey

• How to Write and Analyze Customer Satisfaction 

• Guide to Patient Satisfaction Trends

• Billing and Coding Error Report

The information you collect using these tools, along with your own methods, will help you monitor and improve your performance. But don’t forget to take advantage of opportunities to follow-up with patients and staff on any problems that you have verified and may need further explanation or investigation. Inform patients and staff what you have done to address the problem or the plan to make it better. 

Any changes you make to your processes must be documented. Remember, changes don’t have to be the result of something negative, they can also stem from positive feedback. If you or your staff is doing something outstanding, you will want to include that in your written performance management review as well!

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