The Difference between Annual Fees and Renewal Fees

It’s time once again to submit the annual fees for both your individual certification and your organization’s facility accreditation as well as update the contact or employee information for your individual or facility records. Annual fees apply to all ABC certified individuals and accredited facilities and are due to ABC by December 1. Some of you may also be in the process of renewing your accreditation, or at least preparing for it, and therefore need to submit your renewal fee in addition to your annual fees. Facility owners occasionally confuse these two fees and end up inadvertently paying one and not the other. Unfortunately, this oversight can be detrimental to your accreditation status. Here’s a look at what each of these fees are, what they cover and why they are separate.

Your Accreditation Annual Fee is due to ABC every year on December 1 and is used to maintain your facility’s accreditation throughout the following year. Your annual fee can be easily paid online through your facility’s My ABC Account. This is also a great time to update your facility information such as adding new staff, removing staff, etc.

Your Renewal Application and Fee are separate from your annual fee and are due to ABC five months prior to your accreditation expiration. Your renewal fee covers the processing of your application and your onsite renewal survey. Your fee is determined by both the types of services you provide and the number of facilities you have. To apply for renewal, simply fill out the online renewal application on our website.

Remember, your annual fee and renewal fee are separate and both are required to maintain your facility’s accreditation with ABC. If you have questions about the fees or the process, please contact us at

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