Uploading Application Documents – Why, How and So Easy

To provide a safer and more efficient survey process, ABC is requiring that ALL facilities upload supporting documents during the application process. When our surveyors have access to these documents prior to your onsite survey, they can spend more time addressing your specific concerns and issues and less time reviewing documents onsite.  

Every item listed below must be uploaded during your online application submission. Not supplying these documents will result in an incomplete application and delay your survey process. Each of these can be provided in any format including PDF, Word or Excel.  

  • Non-ABC Certifications and Licenses for all Professional Staff (if applicable) 
  • Legal Documentation of Ownership (e.g., Articles of Incorporation, IRS tax form) 
  • Certificate of Occupancy/Business Permit/Business License/etc. 
  • Policy & Procedure Manual 
  • Employee Manual (can be part of P&P Manual) 
  • Mission Statement (can be part of P&P Manual) 
You can safely and securely upload your documents in our online application portal and rest assured that all documents are kept confidential and not shared with anyone other than ABC staff or your surveyor. Please note that these documents should be uploaded prior to officially submitting your application.   

Common Questions Answered… 

What do you mean by the “Policy and Procedure Manual”? Do you want the entire thing? 

Yes. You can upload your P&P manual in smaller sections if that is easier.   

Our Employee Manual/Mission Statement is included within our Policy and Procedure Manual. Do we need to upload it separately? 

No. You only need to upload your Policy and Procedure Manual if those items are already included. 

We don’t have a Certificate of Occupancy. What do we do? 

We are looking for a legal document issued by your county, parish or city/town that shows your facility is registered as a legal business. Different localities may have different ways to show this. This may include a Business Permit/License/Registration, Sales/Tax Certificate, Occupancy Permit, etc. Usually this is a document that your local government requires you to post on the wall.   

I already submitted some of these to ABC on a previous application. Do I need to submit them again? 

Yes. You need to submit these documents with every application so that your surveyor has access to the most current versions. 

I only have these documents in paper format. What do I do? 

You can upload paper documents using a scanner, either separate or built in with many printers. If you do not have a scanner, you can take your documents to an office supply store such as Staples or Office Depot where they can quickly scan your documents to a USB drive or CD. 

Remember, uploading documents with your online application is a requirement for ALL facilities. There are no exemptions. We have and will continue to communicate this requirement in all our renewal application reminder emails.  

We feel this requirement benefits everyone, especially facility management. You are already required to review and update your P&P manuals every year. Having these documents in electronic format only makes accessing them quicker, updates are easier and faster, and it allows you to easily create backups in case of an emergency. 

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