Compliance Chats Virtual Q&A

Our NEW Virtual Q&A Compliance Chats are off to a great start! To date, we’ve held two chats. Facility owners, managers and compliance officers joined ABC staff and senior surveyors to discuss all things accreditation. 

Attendees had questions about compliance, application submission and onsite surveys that this team of experts were able to answer right on the spot. Attendees commented in the post-chat surveys that “the session was informational and a great idea to prepare for accreditation” and “I am new to ABC accreditation, so this was very helpful.”  

Our next Compliance Chat will be in early January 2022 for those with application deadlines of February 1. Be sure and watch your email inbox later this year for your invitation to join us. 

Don’t want to wait for the next chat? Feel free to contact our accreditation team any time! We’re available to answer your questions and provide a helping hand when you need it. Simply contact  

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