Career Awareness Update


Charging Ahead 

We’ve been busy with numerous activities in support of the Career Awareness Initiative, both ongoing projects and some exciting new ones. In addition to the new website, the social media outreach, digital advertising and 40+ Ambassadors featured online, we have begun the process of reaching out to potential partners to help us spread the news about POP careers to their members and constituents.  

Ambassador Resources

Each of our POP Ambassadors has access to a complete toolkit featuring ways to engage students in local communities. Whether you are a current Ambassador or just wish to reach out in your own community, the toolkit is available to you here.  

Consider joining us in our outreach by volunteering to be an Ambassador. If you are willing to share your story about your professional experience and make a meaningful impact on behalf of the profession, please let us know! 

Message us at to get involved or learn more.  


Our newly launched Partner Program identified 80+ associations, NGO’s, membership groups and organizations that specifically support high school and college age students in STEM, technical education, science and health careers. We are reaching out to these groups to partner with us on getting our message about rewarding careers in POP to their members and stakeholders. 

Included in the materials for partners are: 

  • Social media kit 

  • Videos 

  • Newsletter articles  

  • Print materials 

  • PowerPoint template with presenter talking points 

  • Curriculum materials 

  • STEM fair event materials  

We anticipate that our success with partner outreach will further push the POP career message among our targeted audience. 

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