Minor Standards Changes

ABC’s Board of Directors recently approved minor changes to the Patient Care Accreditation Standards. 

The changes (in bold below) include: 

Change to PC.3.2

During each patient visit encounter, you must review the treatment plan, verify that the patient’s record contains the current prescription and document the care provided during that visit encounter. This update reflects the changes in how patient care is delivered, including the use of telehealth. 

Change to PC.3.4

When providing custom fabricated or prefabricated items, the patient care provider must perform and document in the patient’s record an in-person, diagnosis-specific, clinical examination related to the patient’s use and need of the prescribed device. For example: sensory function, range of motion, joint stability, skin condition (integrity, color and temperature), presence of edema and/ or wounds, vascularity, pain, manual muscle testing, functional limitations, compliance, cognitive ability and medical history. This change specifically relates to the provision of custom fabricated and/or prefabricated items and not OTS devices. 

New Standard PC.3.4.3

When dispensing off-the-shelf (OTS) items, the facility is not required to perform an in-person examination, however it must assure that the patient receives adequate training/instructions on use and care of the item and how to contact the facility to address any questions or concerns. 

There was a need to modify our standards for those facilities who were awarded contracts to participate in competitive bidding for off-the-shelf (OTS) orthoses. Standard P.C.3.4.3 specifically applies to OTS items that are potentially dispensed via direct shipping. Meeting this new standard, along with all of the other relevant accreditation standards, allows a facility to maintain compliance while remaining competitive with other suppliers. 

ABC continues to adapt to the changes in our profession while maintaining the highest patient care standards. 

These changes are effective immediately.

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