COVID-19 Stimulus Package Update

By Justin Beland
AOPA Director of Government Affairs

Late last year, Congress completed a new COVID-19 stimulus package that includes a new round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, tax relief, and other measures. Congress paired the deal with additional legislation to fund the government through September of 2021, resulting in a massive 1,500-page bill.

The roughly $900 billion spending measure included stimulus checks of $600 per individual, an extended eviction moratorium, and an enhanced unemployment insurance of about $300 a week. The package also comes with a variety of measures that were supported by AOPA, including:

  • A new round of PPP loans, with about $284 billion earmarked for the program. It also comes with expanded eligibility for so-called 501(c)(6) nonprofits which were left out of the original program.
  • Expenses paid with PPP loans will now be considered tax deductible, officially reversing an IRS decision made earlier in the year.
  • $20 billion for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.

AOPA is disappointed that Congress chose not to include portions of the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Patient-Centered Care Act, such as statutorily distinguishing O&P from Durable Medical Equipment, in the stimulus bill. However, President Biden and House leaders have already committed to another COVID package, and AOPA’s legislative champions are already working for the bill’s reintroduction and inclusion in that package. We’ll have more information and ways to get involved with those efforts very shortly.

For any questions on the COVID-19 stimulus bill, the Paycheck Protection Program, or AOPA’s advocacy efforts, please contact Justin Beland. Thank you for your continued advocacy efforts.

AOPA. (2020). ‘COVID-19 Stimulus Package Update’. 12/21/2020. (Accessed: 12/21/2020). Updated content provided by AOPA 12/26/2021.

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